İTÜ Foundation Studio

Dean's Foreword,

Dear Students,

Welcome to ITU Faculty of Architecture in Taşkışla.

As a result of years of hard work, each one of you has earned the right to study in a valued department at ITU Faculty of Architecture. I congratulate you all.

In Taşkışla you will find the most magnificent Faculty of Architecture in the country. You will see this magnificence in the number and quality of its faculty and students, in its language of instruction options, in its double major, minor and alternative education options. Again, you will find this magnificence demonstrated in the school building with its historical background and architectural identity, in the location of the school in the most active sociocultural center of Istanbul and in its highly accessible and central location. The ITU Faculty of Architecture has a unique place within the university. This brand and identity make up the unique smiling face of Istanbul Technical University that comes from a deep historical background.

In addition to the knowledge and skills you will gain from our school in the next 4 years, your original thinking, research and self-development skills will also further be developed which will be useful to you throughout your life.

As happens every year, the first week of the semester is orientation week. You will have the opportunity to get to know our faculty, learn the curriculum, and find answers to many questions you may have in mind. This week will be very useful for you to understand the situations you may encounter in the future and to grasp and understand the details you need to pay attention to.

You will also find all the information you need to know about your education on our Foundation Studio and department web pages. We would like to ask you to follow our official social media accounts. We also encourage you to check your e-mails frequently.

We have made all the preparations for you to get through the acclimatization period as quickly and as comfortably as possible, and we look forward to being with you in your classes and studios soon.

Once again, I would like to congratulate you all on your achievements and wish you a fruitful academic year.

Best wishes,

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Küçükmehmetoğlu