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PR1 · S4B · Module #5 Topophilia

The word topography comes from Greek topos “place” and –graphy “writing” and means write about a place. In this sense, topography does not only tell us the physical conditions of a space but also its history and relationship between the space and its inhabitants. There is a mutual relationship between human cultures and their physical environments. Throughout history, humans were shaped their topography and being shaped by it. Topophilia (from Greek topos “place” and –philia, “love of”) used by Tuan (1974) to define the affective bond between human being and the physical environment. According to him, topophilia is not merely our response to a place; it actually creates the place by differentiating it from other spaces.

In this module, we will try to answer the questions; How can we recreate a topography that recreates the motion and space and tells a new story? How are people connected with topography? How does topography create and recreate their movement, uses of spaces? In order to this, we will create imaginary topographies and re-create them by (re)producing spaces in it. By intervening to the topography and creating a system of spaces, we will try to re-organize the relationships and movements. Through your designs, we will discuss relation between spaces, their hierarchy, order and proportions, and their effects on the interaction between human and space.

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PRI · S2 · Splash!

2017-2018 PRI Assg iv_Splash_Brief

PRI · S2 · Typed

2017-2018 PRI Assg iii_Typed_Brief

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