Tes I-II 2019-20 : 16.09.2019

Attention to Section 3 Students!!

Attention to Section 2 Students!!

Tes I 2019-20 Fall Section 2 PR I

Perşembe günü için ödevimiz var

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We have Homework for Thursday

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Attention to Section 4 Students!!


Tes I-II 2018-19 : 19.09.2017

      Sections’ Basic Design Program for Week 1    

       Section 1

       Studio Work: Wire Workshop

       For Section 1, students will need to bring small gauge wire and wire cutters. The wire should be thin enough to be molded by hand and can be found in any craft store. Students are also encouraged to bring 2-3 different sizes or colors and be creative.  

      Section 2

      Studio Work: Personal Shade Workshop

      70×100 cm craft paper, cutting knife

      Section 3

      BW Free Hand Hatching Exercises

      Section 4

      Please read the document in the related link.


      Section 5

      Basic Design Lecture – Visiting Lecturer: Oruç Çakmaklı